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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (7)

For my last post for this trip I have a couple of family pictures.  I didn’t haul out the camera a tenth of what I needed to and really wish I had more pictures!!

Me and some cousins

Me and my Grandpa.

Here are a couple of pix from the way home.

We had to leave early to get to our flight so we were all a little tired.

Thats all folks!


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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (6)

Sunday night my Uncle Larry invited us over to his house for dinner, it was beautiful and delicious!


That’s a good looking family!!

The next day he took us to the Virginia Science Museum as a surprise, we all had a ball!


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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (5)

We spent a day at Busch Gardens with my cousins and their daughter on Saturday.  They have some great rides there, great roller coasters.  We loved it!!

The girls were having so much fun!!

And that finished our day at the park!!

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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (4)

Virginia Beach Baby!!

My grandpa is such a trooper, he went with us to the beach.  Oh, did I mention that he is 95?

It was a bit chilly for me that’s why you don’t see me in the water.

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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (3)

We spent most of the next day in Washington D.C. We spent the morning at the International Spy Museum, and the afternoon we went up and down the Mall.  Here are a few of my favorite pix.


I’d fly with this cutey any day!!

The kids really wanted to make it into the Lincoln Memorial (as did I) since we are related.  It is such an inspirational place.

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Our Trip to see Grandpa Smith (2)

We landed in Baltimore and stayed there a night, we decided that we would spend the evening in its Inner Harbor and see what was there.

Me and my kids in front of the USS Constellation

This is the USS Constellation, a very cool ship once known as a corvette.

We heard that people in Baltimore are crabby so we stopped in for some crab dinner, it was yummy!!

This was our daughter being crabby. She’s famous for her “ornery eyes”.

A cool old power plant converted into a shopping and dinning area.

This was so cute, our daughter saluting as she stood in front of a Coast Guard boat.

After seeing the sights we spent the rest of the evening looking for Charm City Cakes.  That is where Ace of Cakes is filmed at (one of the tv shows that we like).  We looked and looked, asked and asked, got led on one wild goose chase after another.  We never found it and I curse Duff for it!!

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